The heliconias of Zana

The heliconias of Zana

The heliconias of the Zana – Second version – 2013-2014
Watercolor, Tânia T M de Castro, São Paulo, Brazil.

Heliconia is of the family Musaceae (Heliconiaceae).
Are common in Brazil.
Zana: is a character in the book “Two Brothers” of the Brazilian writer Milton Hatoum. The narrative of the book is focused on the family of Zana. She lives with her ​​husband and the two sons (The Two Brothers) in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. One of the children made ​​a journey abroad. When he returns to Brazil is received by Zana with a bouquet of heliconias!
I found this very original, I never thought of giving a bouquet of heliconias. And the idea is so good! While reading the book I also did this painting. So I decided to join the book and paint and give the title “The heliconias Zana” for this painting.

Oriental Nature at Mardi Gras

Tania Tome M de Castro:

Oriental Nature at Mardi Gras

Mardi gras in this painting: the title contains this word due to the fact that the colors are very vivid and cheerful. This combines with Carnival! And indeed, this painting was started in a mardi gras …

Orient: Originally tones that were designed for painting were pastels and this combined with a harmonious oriental drawing.

These are the highlights of this painting.

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Watercolor, Tâbia T M Castro, São Paulo, SP , Brazil, 2010.

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Chili-finger girl on the balcony

Watercolor, Tânia T M de Castro, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 2013.
“Chili-finger girl on the balcony”

This is a view from the balcony of my apartment. There is a flower box where they are planted peppers-finger girl and other plants. In this watercolor I decided to give emphasis to the peppers. In the background you can see various buildings. I live in the downtown area. I found it interesting: the contrast of pepper that has such a vivid red with buildings which are not vivid in this painting.
At the top of this assembly is: to the left a picture of a pot with pepper and right a picture of me next to the peppers.